Adrian and Alexis started Brakr Industries in 2017 with one thing in mind, create something cool for people of all walks to enjoy! We wanted to put our experiences in peoples hands who might not be able to experience it first hand. This is truly a family business. We love taking our daughter out to events when possible and paving the way in the automotive scene for young individuals!

Adrian found his love for all things automotive in high school when some friends introduced him to a new world of fast cars, off-road trucks, dirt bikes, quads and buggies! Ever since then it just stuck. He met Alexis in 2008 and they instantly clicked over their interests in the aftermarket automotive scene. Alexis grew up around cars thanks to her parents being in a car club and her dad always having some sort of project. For the past 11 years they have been exploring their passion in the automotive industry by building their F150 Prerunner together, attending SEMA multiple years, local automotive events, and just about anything else they have time for!

Our F150 Prerunner Project

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