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None of what we do would be possible without the brands we work with. We reach thousands of automotive enthusiasts via our print magazine, online and social media weekly. Check out these advertising options below! We are available to chat, learn more about you and your brand/business and suggest some options that would best fit your needs. Send us an email, give us a call or even text us for more information!

Vegas Automotive Magazine is brought to you by Brakr Industries LLC, an automotive media and marketing company based out of Las Vegas, NV. Vegas Auto Mag showcases the automotive and motorsports industry in Southern Nevada and more. We include a free event calendar, local builds/restorations, automotive businesses/shops, reader’s rides, local events, regional events and other relevant content. We are passionate about what we cover. We share a love for everything automotive and we want to share that with everyone we can in our hometown. We offer original, high quality content to keep people coming back for more. Target the right local audience today by working with us.

Some fancy stats

  • Consumers spend more than $40 billion each year on products that make their cars and trucks look better and go faster.
  • 61% of businesses report growth in sales vs last year.
  • 73% of businesses expect their company’s sales to grow over the next year.
  • Young accessorizers (Age 16-24) spent $7.2B on aftermarket upgrades last year.
  • 52% plan on making more modifications to their vehicles in the next year. 
  • 66% bought parts in-store for their favorite project.
  •  51% of males install upgrades themselves compared to 24% of females.
  • 79% think that their vehicle helps them stay closer to their friends. 
  • 58% would rather give up their phone than their car for a week. 
  • 1/4 young accessorizers are part of a cars-related group on social media. 
  • Inspiration from the internet reveals what’s possible. Seeing mods that other people have done on social media help people access things they didn’t know they could do to their car. 
  • Brick and mortar is still key for auto parts retail. Although online is important to young accessorizers, in-store is still the preferred way to purchase and pick-up parts. Shoppers benefit from being able to touch and feel the actual products. 
  • 66% bought at least some parts in-store vs 54% who bought at least some online.

Source: SEMA Market Research Young Accessorizers Report 2018

More than just a magazine, Vegas Automotive Magazine promotes fun and loyalty through online contests, events and social media interaction. 

We provide local content with a lasting impact. At the end of the day, week, month and even year, our magazine is not thrown away but saved and shared.

Schedule & Distribution

Vegas Auto Mag is published quarterly. Website, social media campaigns and Youtube series are ran continuously. Printed magazines are distributed through select events and locations throughout Vegas. Our digital magazine is available online for FREE at all times, including back issues. We also have subscriptions available through our website and maintain a strong presence at various automotive events.

What people say about us

Such a great local magazine! Vegas Auto Mag is always putting out great content in a timely manner! Love reading this magazine! ❤️
-Tiana P.


Great magazine and it’s local. Keep up the good work.
-Sean S.


Give us a call 702.550.2558
or email

Tips on advertising

  • With local advertising it is best to plan for the long haul. The number one rule is to stick with it for a while. Don’t always expect sales to come pouring in after your first ad. Think about branding and generating demand over time. Of course this is not the same for every type of ad. For example, if you are promoting a one time event a more aggressive short term ad would be ideal. 
  • Your ad does not always have to be directed at sales. In face, the purpose of many large trade magazine ads is image building/branding, creating awareness of a company’s existence, products and services in the minds of potential customers. 
  • Your ad must communicate branding and your key message in 3-5 seconds. The design is key to get your readers eyes to the highlighted points and convince them to stay there for the next 10 seconds. After 15 seconds your reader has moved on. 
  • When exploring your budget and comparing other advertising opportunities keep in mind that the cost per thousand readers reached may be higher for a specialty audience. This is due to the fact that we reach a higher percentage of qualified prospects, meaning more people per thousand are people who are more likely to be your customer vs another outlet who may reach a more general audience. 
  • Specialty magazines tend to be thoroughly read, not scanned. I have personally sat in local businesses where our magazines are present and watched people read the magazine for 15+ minutes at a time and put it back for the next person to enjoy. 
  • A magazine ad leaves readers with a brand impression, an imprint of your brands identity. Over time, impressions add up and build awareness of the brand. The more familiar and aware someone is with a brand, the more likely they are to trust it. 
  • The size of your ad does matter. Readers recognize full page ads 34% more often than 1/4 page. That figure rises to 55% for double page. 
  • Ads placed on the inside covers, back covers and before contents page get much more recognition than those placed on inside pages.
  • Readers recognize full color ads 26% more often than black and white ads.


Still not convinced? I have a little challenge for you. I will give you some free magazines to try this. This is more for the person unsure if being in our magazine would benefit them or not. The challenge is to interview potential readers. I want you to share our magazine with at least 10 customers (more if you want) and ask them if they would read it. If they say yes, then that is a good sign that our content is a direct fit to your current customers, meaning our readers are made up of the same type of people. If someone already recognizes or reads our magazine that is an even greater sign. Working with us is a great opportunity to be apart of an awesome thing in the community. We would love to have you working with us and showcase to your current customers what you are doing in the community. 

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