Josh’s 2016 Chrysler 300


Most would take a look and assume this is either bagged or static, but they would be wrong! Josh Hoeppner’s 2016 Chrysler 300 is actually on Hydraulics! The set up on his car is flawless! He is running a Hydroholics 2 pump 4 dump system and is fully hard lined. The car is running three Kinetik HC 1800 batteries and a 36v Street Charger and Street Charger switchbox. All of this is so well put together that you would think the hydraulic setup came factory on this car!

Josh is 30 years old, he was born and raised in Vegas and he is married with three daughters. He has been into cars since he can remember thanks to his dad. Where does someone get the urge to build something like this? Try working around some of the baddest cars in town everyday! Josh is the Head Honcho at WHEELhouse so it is only right for him to own something like this. He says getting the 300 was just a want! He wanted a luxury type car but knew that he wanted a domestic and not an import. He looks forward to work every day and considers it his own personal get away. Josh says one of his favorite things to do is make sure his shop is in top working order! We asked Josh what his favorite food was and ironically he didn’t have a specific favorite food but he told us that he HATED ketchup. It is a good thing he doesn’t own a RED car… All jokes aside, Josh enjoys a good gathering with friends, cruise nights and obviously building cars/trucks. Josh is tossing around the idea of letting this car go, but in “car guy” fashion, if it doesn’t go, he has plans to do a motor build with cam, procharger etc and also some custom paint! Keep an eye out and you will see! Go follow him and his shop on Instagram to see what’s next!


2016 Chrysler 300
K&N Intake
Hydroholics 2 pump 4 dump hydraulic set up
Full hard lined setup
Three Kinetic HC1800 batteries
36v Street Charger
Street Charger switchbox
Staggered 22″ Forged Curve Wheels
Full 3″ custom exhaust

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Images: Ricardo Aguilar
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