Likewise Shift Knob Installation


Recently, I ordered this shift knob setup up from Likewise, who is based out of Australia. I originally ordered it just after the holidays. What I didn’t see was that the adjustable stalk was on backorder for the color I had chosen (Tarmac Grey), so after the agonizing wait I had done to myself I received my shipment confirmation at the beginning of February. The package was delivered at my door only a week later, even though they are located on the other side of the globe.

I ordered three different items from the down under. The piece de resistance being the “Neil Diamond” in the color “Golden Shower.” Next is the completely adjustable stalk dubbed “The Suzuka” in “Tarmac Grey.” In order to fit the new setup on my 2016 VW GTI I had to order an adapter because the 12mm stalk has no threads. The hardest part of the install was the removal of my over engineered stock shift knob. The Likewise setup was installed painlessly; the only tools needed were two hex keys. One to tighten the Euro Adapter to the stalk and the other to mount The Suzuka in my desired position. 

I’ve driven with the shift knob setup for about two weeks now. The weight of the entire piece is hefty but not uncomfortably heavy. I effortlessly slide into the gears with two fingers due to the weight of the shift knob. I had it in for the Elite Tuner show on February 10th, and I got plenty of looks and compliments on it. Overall I’m completely satisfied with the purchase. From the quick shipping and easy install to the questions I get about it. Likewise has a range of knobs and extensions in plenty of colors. They often have limited run colors that sell out pretty quickly. If anyone is looking for a unique piece of flare on their ride they should definitely give them a look.

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Article & Images: Clinton Rowley
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